Inheritance is something that comes up quite often during my programming experience. Whenever I have classes that share some logic or properties, I think of inheritance. However, sometimes, using inheritance ends up making a design more brittle. Through my experience and reading, I have learned a few things about inheritance.

Several languages do not support multiple inheritance

In a project I work on, I need to programmatically fill out some PDF forms. The forms are very similar in terms of structure, content, and fields’ names. Using iTextSharp library, I can go through the fields in the PDF and set the values. The logic for filling out a…

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In this post, I’m going to share my understanding of clean architecture after reading about it in the book “Clean Architecture” and other posts, as well as how I implement the clean architecture in an ASP.NET core project.

What is clean architecture?

Clean architecture is an architecture in which the high level business rules…

The Dependency Inversion Principle is the last principle in SOLID. As a recap, SOLID is an acronym that stands for the five software design principles which Robert Martin discusses in his book “Clean Architecture — A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design”.

  • S: Single Responsibility Principle
  • O: Open Closed…

The Interface Segregation Pattern (ISP) is one of the principle in SOLID. As a recap, SOLID is an acronym which stands for the five software design principles:

  • The Single Responsibility Principle
  • The Open Closed Principle
  • The Liskov Substitution Principle
  • The Interface Segregation Principle
  • The Dependency Inversion Principle

ISP states that…

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Backend developer in .NET core. I enjoy the outdoor, hanging out with good friends, reading and personal development.

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