Common frameworks, libraries and design patterns I use

Clean architecture and CQRS for backend

Angular and Bootstrap for front-end

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) and Dapper for data access

Oidc-client-js and MSAL for .NET for security

// security configs for validating an access token coming from the 
// client application.
services.AddMicrosoftIdentityWebApiAuthentication(Configuration, configSectionName: "AADB2C");
// for validating B2C token coming from angular app.
"AzureAdB2C": {
"Tenant": "*******",
"ClientId": "b9deba45-****-****-****-************",
"Policy": "B2C_1_a_signup_signin",
"Scope": "AccessAsUser"




Backend developer in .NET core. I enjoy the outdoor, hanging out with good friends, reading and personal development.

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